The things that grow in my yard might be different from the things that grow in yours.

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When I first moved to the Bahamas, food offering were slim. If I was craving pizza, I had to learn to to make it from scratch. Same for bagels. French bread to go with bruschetta. And so on and so forth. My older and wiser friend Penny walked me through a lot of it. My vegetarian friend Sarah opened my eyes to what you could do with the limited produce selection at the island supply store. Food first became fun for me in the Bahamas and it's still fun for me now. I'd much rather eat out once at a restaurant that does food well than four times at one that's mediocre. I'd rather make and freeze a good tomato soup to have on hand than eat one out of a can. That's just me. And it was born out of necessity in the Bahamas. Not snobbery. Just wanted to clear that up.

Homemade almond butter on homemade bread.

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