Saturday, 18 February 2012

Let's get ready to rumble!

Now that you're all yelling "rumbllllllle" in your head, this a blog about how I amuse myself living out my life. There may be kitchen drama! (Have you ever found yourself bawling like a baby because your Christmas chicken is undercooked and three hours late? I have.) There may be helpful hints! (Did you know the acidity in yellow mustard can get wine stains out of a formica countertop? No. That's not true. I just made that up. Don't smear mustard on your counter.) There may be inspiration! (If you ever wanted to know what it looks like to wear four different patterns at once, I'm probably your girl.)  If your curiosity is peaked, please read through to the following easy-to-follow ground rules...

The following guidelines will help you to enjoy this blogging experience as richly as possible:

Rule #1: Please don't leave comments saying things like "Must be a hard life" or "I hate your stinking guts you jerk that never has to experience winter." Yes, it's true. I get to take pictures like this one looking out my back door on Thanksgiving day.

Yup. Thanksgiving. I'm not saying it's not a perk, but until you deal with rat sized roaches, rat sized rats, lizard poop on all the window sills, and bath towels that always smell like mildew because it's too humid for them to dry out, please withhold all snarky comments. It's a tradeoff. Besides, you don't want to get so caught up this crazy island life that you miss the beauty in yours.

Rule #2: Be nice. There's no need to say anything mean in the comments section, directed to me or any other commenter. I don't mind if you disagree, just don't be a jerk about it please. That's assuming anyone else ever comments. Or even reads this thing. 

Rule #3: Yes, I am aware that there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world. That's not was this blog is about. I deal with some of that junk in my career. This is my distraction. Forget about the world's problems for the five minutes it takes you to read a post. It's my recognition of things that are pretty to look at or tasty to eat. If I post about a $400 pair of shoes, I'm not recommending everyone go out and drop $400 on them. I probably wouldn't go out and drop $400 on them. I'm just acknowledging that for some reason or another they caught my eye, not forgetting that the $400 might be better spent buying malaria nets in Africa. If you want to read a blog about malaria nets and the world food crisis, this isn't it. 

Okey-doke. Happy reading! Or not, whatever. 


  1. Hey girl - looking forward to comparing notes - but leery of the dog stories - just told THAT one to some friends!! Make me laugh!!! Or come over for a Martini!

  2. We still tell that story too. Nothing like having the death of a beloved pet occur during a dinner party with newbie friends! Hopefully that was the first and last time that happens.