Thursday, 1 March 2012

Belated Weekend Highlights

After a quick visit from family and a sickness that stole my life away for three days (and then forced me to play catch up for two days), I'm back! Fortunately I had a few days off last weekend between the family and the sickness. It included luminaries, pyrotechnic cakes, fun friends, and a champagne saber. Here are the highlights:

Made luminaries for a birthday party while watching a Masterpiece Classics film my sister recommended.  Netflix "watch instantly" is a relatively new feature here and I'm enjoying it immensely.  I've now seen hours and hours worth of Masterpiece Theater and BBC Classics AND the entire first season of Downton Abbey. 

When I found out the restaurant had air conditioning I became obsessed with wearing my grey batwing sweater dress even though I knew everyone else was going to be in bright pretty dresses.  In temps that rarely leave the 80s and 90s, I only get to bust this baby out once or twice a year.

Fabulous birthday gifts and a potentially deadly birthday cake. 

If toes at the party are the determining factor, orange is the pedicure color of the week.  Mine, in the leopard shoe, is Essie in Clambake.  (Our local Kmart decided to start carrying Essie last year. It might be the one redeeming factor about our Kmart.)

After very simple instructions from our server, the birthday girl attempted to open a bottle of champagne with a saber. 

Final notes, I highly recommend the wine room at Sunset Grille if you're looking to host a fancy-pants dinner party with great food and good service.  And air conditioning. We were only guests (not hosts) but I was impressed with my experience there. Please remember to invite us to your fancy-pants party when you book it!


  1. Wow champagne uncorking with a saber - that's a new one to me!! So glad your sister (and the fam) were able to get down and back last week for a visit!!

    1. Yes, it was rather fancy-pantsy. I need to ask her if she got to keep the saber because that could lead to some fun dinner parties in the future! I also made it possible for people to comment on the blog using a free-text name, using your suggestion the other day. I haven't figured out how to cancel the need for the captcha verification.