Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekend Highlights

We had a slow island weekend. On Saturday, Seth left early morning to spend the day on the water fishing with some friends. He was sweet enough to make me a few lazy morning cups of coffee so that it was waiting when I woke up. Not only is coffee mostly a weekend treat for me, I also lost all coffee-making abilities when I got married and my half Swedish husband took over. Swedes like their coffee. And by coffee I do not mean the tea-colored stuff I used to brew.

Armed with coffee and about a year's worth of old Elle Decor magazines that a friend generously passed on, I lounged around for a few gloriously lazy hours Saturday morning. When Seth returned that evening, we feasted on fresh tuna that a friend caught. (We also put away some fresh Seth-caught mahi mahi for later this week. Go Seth!)

On the domestic front, I tried out a new cracker recipe, roasted a bunch of red peppers I got on sale, and prepared some dried chick peas. Now I can enjoy this sandwich all week long. It's hands-down my favorite sandwich ever.

We hit up the double birthday party for some friends down at Magens Bay. I didn't feel like dealing with the sand and salt so I mostly lounged around the party pavilion in the shade. Even without getting wet it was a pretty perfect beach day.

In non-picturesque news, I also wrote several blog posts to help solve the lack-of-time-for-weekday-blogging problem. It may not be a permanent solution but it's nice to see all the unpublished posts lined up like little airplanes waiting for takeoff.

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