Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekend Highlights

Our weekend was dominated by Lost. We've never seen the series. Until early last week. And oh my. Oh my. We stayed up until nearly two in the morning on more than one occasion last week. Every time I hear a strange noise outside I blame it on the creepy island monster. And what the crap is up with that hatch? But seriously, don't spoil it for me. Thanks to Netflix we'll hopefully have this sucker knocked out within a month. In spite of watching a serious amount of psycho island plane-crash drama, I managed to still have a semi-productive weekend. We went down to Yacht Haven for coffee with Finn Saturday morning. That's a Saturday morning tradition of ours. It's a good way to get out the house and spend some time together for under $5.

Finn's always up for dog-friendly Yacht Haven.  I swear he knows when we're going.

Catching up on the past month or two of Marie Claire with a tall iced coffee. We can't recycle paper/magazines on St. Thomas, so I love the paperless Zinio app. 

Finn decided he had no interest in running around on the sopping wet grass, so we went to explore the boats instead.

Saturday night we met up with friends for sushi. For those who don't live on St. Thomas, Enkai is in the middle of nowhere. And I mean nowhere. You're basically waiting for someone to jump out from behind a fence, smash your car with a baseball bat, and drag you out into the bushes never to be heard from again. But don't worry. Keep driving through the scary scary until you almost drive straight down an unlit boat ramp into the ocean. Once you slam on the brakes and wonder why they still haven't thought to light up that boat ramp, turn left. Best sushi on the island.

What you can barely see if you look through the walkway is that Enkai sits right on the water.

Sunday was a day spent in the kitchen. Well, that's not entirely true. I spent maybe 2-3 hours in the kitchen on and off. In between trying to figure out if that crazy raft will ever get anyone of the island and how many "others" are secretly living in the jungle. And are the others even human. Seriously. Lost. Get out of my head. I roasted a bunch of red peppers from a $5 Fruit Bowl basket, made a salsa verde that turned out to be more of a sauce, baked enough sandwich bread for the next couple weeks, and embarked on my next installment in the Fridge Door Project. In case my productivity is making you feel insecure, I also decided it was just easier to wear shoes around the house all weekend than to sweep the floor. So any of you out there who can walk barefoot on your floor no longer have to hate me because I bake our sandwich bread. We're even.

I like having most of my ingredients out on the counter before I embark on kitchen projects. I also like to sip presecco during those projects. 

Bread about to rise.

Soooo, I cut myself off two slices of warm bread and started eating them before I remembered to take a picture.

My next Fridge Door Project item in the works.
I'll post about that FDP item later this week. It was a success. Now I'm off to watch me some more Lost.

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