Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How to Work Out on an Island

I've been taking advantage of the fact that it's not as hot as the sun here yet and working out in the late afternoon or early evenings. It's April and I still don't have to worry about catching (acquiring? working up?) a heat stroke by exerting myself after 7:30am. I know that means I'm mocking the heat and it will beat me into submission and remind me who's boss later this month, but what's a girl to do? The days of waking up in bed not covered in sweat are slowly disappearing. Soon I'll want to be anywhere but in bed by 7am (yep, no kids. sleeping past 5am. awesome.) because around that time I'll wake up a sticky mess (yep, no air conditioning. uncomfortable. not awesome.). So for now I'm taking advantage of a few more cool moments of sleep in the morning and working out in the afternoons. Here's what I get to look at between crow push-ups and side lunges with arm raises. It reminds me not do die during two minutes of cardio in the plank formation.

It's awesome. The best part, really. I'm glad I was finally smart enough to move my work out sessions out of the office, with it's lovely view of the cracked wall outside by the washing machine. What I was not smart enough to do was leave my work out wear in a breezy place to dry out until laundry day.

Warning: shutting up formerly sweaty clothes in a dark warm guest room may seem like a good idea, but honestly, beware the next time you have to open the door and go in there. The smell will hit you like a wall of, ummm, formerly sweaty clothes that have been shut up in a dark warm guest room. I'm sure it makes everyone even more excited about coming down for a stay in our luxury sweat-scented suite.

In other unrelated news, I think I'm going to paint that room a mossy green...


  1. Have you found bodyrock.tv yet? I haven't done it much recently (I'll be adding it back to the rotation soon!), but they are awesome, typically 12 minutes, hard, and FREE! New workouts every day. :)

    1. No, but I'll have to check it out! Free is always good. Only twelve minutes, also good!