Wednesday, 27 June 2012

In a Smart Closet - Something Fun and Fancy

Here's the truth. If you don't have something special that you look forward to wearing, those nights where you need it you're going to stare into your closet and lament that you have nothing to wear. It also means that when your someone special asks you out to a nice dinner, you're going to wear that same old thing you feel like you wear all the time. Why not have something fun and fancy so that you can feel special and sparkly? He likes it when you look special and sparkly. He likes it even more when your night out isn't preceded by tears and an emotional meltdown because your lacking closet is a metaphor for everything wrong in your life. You never knew how much you needed sparkles, did you?

I promise on my hamster's life, it's not just a one trick pony. (I haven't actually had a hamster since the sixth grade but trust me, I'm not lying about this.) I've been trying to wear it in a lot of different ways. You've seen this for a charity auction we attended. (College me would have probably put a black top with it every time and called it a day. College me would have also bought one a heck of a lot shorter.)

This is fancy dinner out with Seth. I didn't start out to give it a 20s vibe, but I'm glad I did. Is anyone else stoked for Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby? If it doesn't make it to St. Thomas I may just have to kick a kitten to express my frustration. (Kidding. Obviously.)

Brunch! It might be a little overdressed but call your brunch friend and tell her it's a swanky brunch. Who doesn't want to go to an impromptu swanky brunch? And you'll also accomplish proving to yourself that you have the fortitude to wear sequins during the day. The classic knee length shape lets me dress it down the same way I'd dress down any other knee length skirt.

And this is me dreaming of our winter trip up to see Seth's family in Boston. Of course I'd probably be wearing two pairs of tights. The vibe on the North Shore is pretty relaxed so I have no idea if I'll have an occasion to justify this. But sequins with a grey sweatshirt are relaxed right?

Honestly, adding something fun and fancy to your closet in a classic shape lets you wear it with anything else classic. It also keeps you from having pre-event meltdowns. Dress it up a lot, a little bit, or dress it down. However your need dictates. This could work with stripes. A collared button-up. A blue oxford shirt. A drape-y tee (not the event giveaway kind) partially tucked in with a belted. Think out of the box before you buy it. How many ways will you be able to wear it with what is already in your closet? And then once you buy it force yourself to wear it even if you feel self-conscious! That feeling will go away within the first wear or two and people like me will be staring at you wishing I'd been the one with the guts to do it.

What fun fancy clothes scare you the most? Animal print? Sequins? Anything with color? Baby steps here. Baby steps. Which ones do you wish you could wear when you see someone else out wearing them?

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