Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekend Highlights

Shame on me. It's well after 11pm Monday night and I'm just now getting to writing about my weekend. Although that may have something do with the fact that at 11pm Sunday night I was scrubbing our window screens in the shower. For some reason my cleaning mode switches into high gear well after dark. We leave this week for a 10 day trip stateside so I just rode out my crazy cleaning mode for the sake of our house sitter.

We headed off Friday evening on the ferry for St. John for a goodbye party for a friend and then hit up the St. John Carnival.

Did I take pictures of the party or Carnival? No. Of course not. But I totally got a picture of the back side of the ferry dock where we went to chat with a sweet Johnian friend that we never ever ever get to see. It was a only us back there. And the (probably) drunk lady who was dancing alone on the beach about 30 feet away.

There was also a fun concert going on down at the opposite end of the beach in front of the beach bar. The band was set up on a pontoon boat anchored right off shore. Honestly. Wandering upon the hidden beach concert. It's the kind of beach-y island-y thing movies always have in them that we watch and say "it's so not like that." But apparently we're wrong and it is like that. I kept waiting for a Selena Gomez type who was visiting her aunt (and hating that her parents had shipped her off to this stupid island away from her friends all summer) to get pulled up to sing despite her protests that she really can't sing and has stage fright. But she can sing. And does. And then the cute guy notices her and the whole summer turns around and becomes pretty much magical. It had that kind of vibe. If we had brought towels or a beach blanket it may totally have been worth sticking around another hour, laying on the beach and listening to music. But alas, there was no blanket. The sand was damp. And fun people we know were in line for the 11pm ferry back to St. Thomas so we jumped on with them.

Saturday we had big plans for super early morning coffee at Cup & Cork and then the beach. But then Seth's phone rang and woke us up. At 11am. What the? I don't think I've slept until 11am in years. We opted not to go to the beach and "be productive" around the house. (My words.) But instead I lounged on the couch and watched a Law & Order marathon all day. Literally. All day. Around 4pm  I got up and moved to the other couch. But that's it. I paid for it Sunday when we actually did have to be productive and clean the house for our house sitter. Hence the screen scrubbing at 11pm Sunday night. (Seriously, when I get cleaning, I get cleaning.) Sunday also gave us about 6 minutes of torrential downpours. And then it was sunny again. Dear torrential downpours. Please come back. We need you.

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