Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekend Highlights

I was apparently one of only four people on Facebook that liked the opening ceremonies. But whatever. I liked them. James Bond with the (actual) queen, proper use of the word "twangling," cute kids in pajamas doing flips on hospital beds, guys wrapped in Christmas lights riding on bikes while flapping giant butterfly wings, and major fireworks. That's what I call a successful Friday night. Before the ceremonies, I spent two hours sweating my face off in the kitchen and putting together a serious English dinner.

Against all odds, they did not take a commercial break while the Virgin Islands walked in. Although I got a crystal clear picture of Senegal (always good to have a picture of Senegal) while testing my camera settings to see if it would snap a picture of the tv, the camera changed its mind and this is all I got for the VI.

Everyone fell asleep at our party despite the coffee we brewed them. Except for me. My brilliant two cups of coffee kept me up to 2am. So I slept in on Saturday and then made use of our leftover potatoes to make a small brunch of potato pancakes topped with a rhubarb sauce Seth cooked up last week. Good fuel to spend my day cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. With entirely homemade cleaning supplies. Seriously. You could lick our bathroom wall. I dare you. Lick it.

We apparently didn't spend enough time with Finn on Saturday because we woke up Sunday morning to find he'd built a fort with the couch cushions during the night.

Sunday we went to a goodbye party for a friend at Magens Bay. But they forgot to tell us they weren't actually going to have it anymore. So we just walked the beach for thirty minutes trying to find our friends and then went for lunch at Magens Point Bar & Grill (formerly Rumbuzz). Where all the fish on the menu is local fish. Good for them.

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