Monday, 17 September 2012


A million years ago when I was in high school I was trying to convince a friend to care about me the way teenage-girl-me thought I cared about him. I still remember him telling me that we'd never be compatible because he was looking for someone that would follow him around the world. When I argued that I would gladly follow him around the world (oh, shameless teenage "please love me, I'll do anything" plee) he said, "No, that's not who you are. You don't want someone that you can follow around the world. You want someone to go around the world with you." Those 16 year old boys. So full of creepily accurate insight.

Many many years after that after that my life crossed paths with another boy that recognized those same things in me and didn't see them as reasons why we shouldn't be together. But saw them as just a few of the reasons why he wanted to have me around for the rest of his life. And that high school boy was right, I haven't followed Seth around the world. We've spend the last seven years going around the world creating a life together.

Happy anniversary Seth. There's no one I'd rather hug camels (hike glaciers, explore Indian caves, make gnocchi, jump cliffs, capture home-invading geckos, pick mangos, watch fireworks, bake pies, break my collarbone, kayak mangroves, watch 30 Rock) with than you. You were worth the wait.

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