Monday, 26 November 2012

White Christmas

So maybe you're going to be all "bah-humbug!" at me but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to pull out any Christmas decorations this year. We'll be spending a long leisurely chunk of our December in the States with family. Sipping hot chocolate around a wood-burning stove. Bundling up in scarves and hats before heading to the out of doors. A house smelling all piney and evergreen-y from a real (recently) live Christmas tree. I can't wait. But when that's all said and done, we have to come home. There's nothing like stepping out the door of our plane and being hit in the face with a wall of heat and humidity knowing that we're going home to a houseful of Christmas decorations that have been doing nothing but gathering dust for two weeks. It's kind of a sad way to start the new year actually.

But, if we were going to be here I'd be using all the breath in me to try and convince Seth we neeeeed this tree:

Because real Christmas trees always look bizarre and out of place in our warm, humid apartment with all the windows open and views of the cruise ships and whatnot. And it's really hard to decorate house plants. And those fake palm tree/christmas tree combos are a little cliche Jimmy Buffet-ish for my taste. And this tree is 100% made in America which means we'd almost be single-handedly saving the economy. And seriously, does Finn really need to go in for a check-up this year because I'm pretty sure he'd rather us spend the money on an awesome white Christmas tree than have the vet stick that thermometer someplace wildly uncomfortable. (So many great reasons. Seth pretty much has to agree. In fact, my arguments might be so good that I'll have to convince him that just one tree is plenty. No need to buy five.)

In my brain, if I'm going to venture into the fake tree world I need to go big or go home. I want my fake tree to look like a fake tree. In fact, my original choice was red but I can't find one big enough that doesn't look completely tacky. (Seth likes it when I say things like "I just can't seem to find a full size red Christmas tree that's not tacky." It causes him to really appreciate his decision to marry me.)

So there you go. Bare minimum, just toss some lights and ribbon on that thing and you've got yourself one seriously appropriate Caribbean Christmas going on in your living room. If this doesn't happen, I might cry.

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