Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Once is Nice, Twice is Better!

twice logo

This label has become one of my absolute favorite surprises to find waiting for me in my mailbox. If you've been paying attention to the links on my posts sourcing my outfits, you'll have notices a lot of links to Twice. Twice is an online consignment store I discovered some many months ago. And I'm completely in love with it. Twice furthers my dollars by allowing me to purchasing well made, higher end clothing than my budget normally allows. Clothes that last longer, fit better, and give me the opportunity to stay away from lower quality brands that often won't even last through the year without fading, pilling, or unraveling. Two pairs of Current/Elliott jeans and my Free People skinny cargos have come to me from Twice. Two out of the three pairs even came with the tags still on them. Twice only buys/sells "like new" items. If I didn't know any better I would have never guessed any of them were previously owned before they came to live with me.

Jeans and cargo skinnies, all from Twice:

free people cargos

current:elliott tie dye

current:elliott jean

Increasing my love even more, Twice only resells brand name items which means I'm not falling in love with a mystery brand skirt and finding out later that it fits my body shape terribly. I already know which stores make clothes that flatter me and which don't. Twice allows me the option to only search those brands. The website also posts accurate measurements of each item. Measuring myself before I order gives me a good idea of whether or not it will fit. And if I turn out to be wrong when it finally arrives? Well, they offer free return shipping. How can you go wrong?

This pretty little J.Crew lady is on her way to my mailbox right now. I actually had some credits so she wound up being under $20. I reallllly hope she fits and I can give her a forever home!

jcrew skirt

Also on it's way to me is a resell bag. After my normal January closet purge, I pulled a few of the lesser worn items and they will be packaged up and shipped to Twice, hopefully for store credit. (The other items that aren't on their accepted brand list will be sent to La Luna's upcoming clothing swap! I went last year and it was a great event.)

So please, check out Twice! In full disclosure if you use the link I give you to sign up, I'll get a $10 credit for referring you with your first purchase. (A deal offered to all their customers.) If you hate that idea and you think I'm self promoting and a terrible friend then you can just sign up at: like twice dot com. Either way, promote them. Use them. Send them your fabulous for someone, just not fabulous for you, clothing! Make some money off that dress you thought you liked (but sadly, you don't) and get something in your closet that won't make you sad every time you look at it.

And let me know what you get! I'd love to see it!

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