Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Once upon a time I was blogging 2-3 times a week. And it was fun. Then I found out I was pregnant!  (Pregnant!) And nothing was fun anymore. I mean, having a baby is fun. It was the weeks upon weeks of nausea, throwing up at inconvenient times, lack of appetite, needing naps at 8:30am because I was THAT TIRED. Not fun at all. Not only was I not doing anything worth writing about but the idea of sitting in front on my computer and thinking when I could be laying on the couch doing nothing was just so unappealing. But thanks for all the Facebook and text messages along the way telling me that you missed me and were wondering when I would start writing again. It was actually supposed to be yesterday evening, with a photo update of everything I've been up to the past few months. But then we accidentally broke a five gallon jug of water in the middle of the living room and the aftermath ate up all my free time.

Today is more somber, so a photo montage of all the fun things I've been up to doesn't quite feel right. We love Boston and someone hurt them. I first visited Boston as a junior from the University of Georgia to look at a potential grad school. The Big Dig was still in full swing and there was dirty snow piled up eight feet high on the sides of the roads. Some guy I met at lunch at the school asked if I wanted to hang one night. I thought it was a group thing and said sure. But no, he picked me up all alone. It was a date. But fortunately this guy I'd known for all of half an hour didn't drag me into a dark alley to kill me. He took me to a small concert in the Harvard Chapel. Then we snuck into the back of a music hall to listen to a symphony practicing. After we got caught we wandering around Cambridge all lit up at night and drank tea. And I started to fall in love with Boston, deeming it one of the few US cities I could see myself making a life in. But alas, the timing was off and I chose to take a job after school that would move me even further south to the Bahamas.

In Portland, Oregon at a training event for my new job I met another guy from Boston who was preparing for a move to Europe. A few years later we began dating across an ocean and a little while after that we found ourselves married. Seth loves Boston. So much. To the point that we have a rule about how much he's allowed to talk about how great Boston is. Because sometimes he talks about it so much I think all our friends will stop wanting to hang out with us. But I love it to. I love that we get to visit once or twice every year. When Seth (thinking of family who will want more time with this new little baby once it's born) said we might need to start doing more individual family visits with the baby, I called foul. He does not get to use our unborn child as an excuse to visit Boston twice as much without me. No fair. Not happening. I'm already excited that we'll be there this summer and again in November.

So we love you Boston. And I can't wait to see you again. And to teach our baby to love you too.

green space

beacon street

roxy's food truck


the charles


swan boat

sowa market

willow tree

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