Monday, 9 April 2012

Weekend Highlights

Our weekend was dominated by Easter. Not only was Seth in charge of the sunrise service at the St. Thomas Ritz-Carlton, but I was in charge of an egg hunt later in the afternoon. Saturday day was all prep: beach clean-up, egg counting, paper-flower making, final planning and practicing for Seth. Sunday was go, go, go.

I guess because nobody likes to wake up too early on vacation, the service was actually a little while after sunrise. 

This was the weather as we left the Ritz. Looks like a great day for an egg hunt and picnic, right?

This was what the weather turned into by the time we reached the beach to set-up. Seth helped put up the food tents despite the rain. I tried to hang up some balloons to mark the path to the beach but other than getting soaked I didn't accomplish much. It was coming down too hard for balloons. Had to chill in the car for a while. Needless to say, all those paper flowers I made did not get used...

Fortunately it cleared up right as everyone began arriving. As the grill was fired up, we got the eggs hidden and the egg hunt commenced. The veterans had their goggles and snorkels.

See the egg?

Once the egg hunt was over, it was time to torture Finn...I mean, go swimming. This dog will climb anyone or anything to avoid getting wet. Once you put him in he swims straight back to shore.

...Unless there is a better option between him and shore. Little kids with boogie-boards definitely count as a "better option."

And it helps to have tiny friends willing to comfort you once you get back to land and out of the dramatic sea of terror.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well! I have day-old ocean eggs and scraps from unused paper flowers to clean up.

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