Wednesday, 11 April 2012

In a Smart Closet - Triple (or Quadruple) Duty

Have you heard of that creative intelligence test using just a brick? You show a kid a brick and ask them to list the ways it can be used. Apparently kids with really high IQs typically only come up with the one or two most practical uses: building things, throwing it. Kids with high creative intelligence come up with long lists of creative uses as well: a step stool, a paper weight, to tie down a tent flap, a hammer. I like to treat my closet as a daily creative intelligence test. Maybe that says some unfortunate things about my IQ, but it also keeps my closet from getting boring. It's a tradeoff I guess. One of my favorite ways to get dressed is to pull out a shirt or a skirt and ask myself what I haven't worn it with yet. You'd be amazed how many more uses you'll get out of a single article of clothing if you play that game with it.

Here's a dress I bought last summer while visiting Seth's family in Boston. I was drawn to it because it has funky little shoulder pads that are emphasized with black stitching. I know. Shoulder pads. I'm that weirdo. But I'm not asking you to wear it. Just refrain from making fun of me to my face when I do.  Now obviously I could just wear it as a dress all the time but that's a little boring for me. Playing the "what haven't I worn it with yet" game makes it a lot more fun.

 French Connection, bought last season; (similar here)
I've worn it with boots out to grab coffee with Seth on a Saturday morning.

Bag, BCBG last summer (similar here), Boots, Bernardo (similar here)

I've tucked it into a skirt for a dinner out.

Clutch, Big Buddha (similar here); Skirt, H&M in London (similar here); Boots, 80%20 (similar here)

On occasions when it was too short for the event, I folded the bottom up under the dress to make it a little shorter and then added a tiered skirt beneath it. This way it actually looks like an entirely new dress.

Skirt, Express (similar here); Bag, Dooney & Bourke; Shoes, Steve Madden (similar here

I've scrunched it up a little bit a worn it as a tunic with jeans and heals. (The heels were necessary to keep my legs from looking stubby with the tunic/jeans combo.)

Bag, BCBG (similar here); Jeans, Guess; Shoes, Kohl's (similar here)

Obviously adding color would change it up. Sometimes just wearing completely new shoes and accessories give it a totally different feel. I try not to add anything to my closet unless I can see myself wearing it at least three or four different ways. This is the most difficult to do with dresses because they can feel like one hit wonders. But it's not impossible. Seriously, try it. Play the "what haven't I worn this with yet" game this week and see what you come up with.

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