Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Adventures in Computerland - Part 3

Things might be happening!

We picked up a package from the post office yesterday containing all our hopes and dreams - a drive adapter. Or something with a similar name. I don't pay much attention when computer terms cone up and Seth is currently busy so I don't feel like asking him. So if something called a drive adapter exists, that's what we have. If not, it's something that sounds like that.

A phone conversation between Seth and the computer guru (aka his dad) is happening about six feet away from where I'm sitting right now. And not one angry, frustrated, or spirit-crushing sound can be heard. Which might mean great things are happening.

Or it might not. But if it does mean great things, I may soon be telling you about homemade almond butter, adventures in ketchup-making, and a blender incident resulting in coconut milk shooting four feet in every direction. There is also a lot of lavender tinting all of my thoughts. Jeans. Nail polish. All purpose cleaning spray. I might need to purge it from my brain to the blog. And don't forget our recent journey of brewing (or not brewing) our own beer.

So. Many. Things.

So Seth is now off the phone. But in a positive mood. And the computer is saying it will be done doing something or other in one hour and thirty-six minutes. Hopefully the positive mood will continue at that point with whatever cones next. Things may be happening, people. Good things.

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