Sunday, 10 June 2012

Adventures in Computerland - Part 4

Part four? Is that right? I certainly do hope there's not a part five. Just to catch you up, lately there's been a lot of this going on...

Look intimidating? I was afraid that even breathing hard in the general direction of that madness might blow those minuscule screws off the table to be lost forever, but Seth's pretty amazing. He made it through without even breaking a sweat. And it always helps that we have computer guru Paul on speed dial. We also took a bunch of computer-y stuff up to Boston with us a few weekends ago. (I'm surprised they let us on the plane with all those wires and such in our carry-on bags.) Days were spent picnicking and taking in art with the family. Nights were spent unraveling the mystery that is our computer. I'm not sure the mystery was every fully solved. They finally decided just to give it computer chemo and blast every possible bad thing (and potentially some good things too) and hope that the problem was eradicated. We have a new hard drive. Our external hard drive is being sent back under warranty. There were lots a lots of discs involved. Some parts came home from Boston with us. Some didn't. But so far we seem to have success.

And if you're very very sad that Adventures in Computerland might be coming to a close, you can check out Adventures in Toucanland. It's like the exact same thing. Except not. But these birds and I shared Thanksgiving together last year and I can vouch for their ability to amuse. (Their beaks feel like toenails!) Along with their fabulous owner. I mean, the crazy girl went and bought herself three toucans. How can she not be amusing?

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