Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Weekend Highlights...lots and lots of weekend highlights

Our computer is starting to behave itself. I think it's just tired of living in the living room. No privacy. It misses its nice cozy office. But don't believe it for a second. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is mended. It's just trying to trick us into believing that it miraculously got better on its own. We've been down this road before. This isn't the first time it's tried to run this con. But regardless, while the computer is trying in hardest to trick us into believing that it's all fine and dandy I will take advantage and post some pictures.

A few weekends have passed since my last post. I guess that's as good a place to start as any. I'll give some multiple weekend highlights, but I'm skipping over all the Carnival events. Let's face it, itty bitty girls shaking their booties for the camera and iguanas terrifying parade-goers deserve their own posts.

So over the past few weekends I've checked out a new locations I may use for a work-related event this summer. Hidden island gems never cease to amaze. Who is it that hides them all so well?

I got to break in the new gold sequin pencil skirt at a local charity auction. This one benefitting a group of kids going to do some construction work for a girls home in Central America. I've learned since being on St. Thomas that I looooove auctions. It's an added bonus when they're in windmills.

A Hull Bay sunset was enjoyed with friends at the end of a long not-so-great day. 

Purty flowers are blooming.

A good friend fought in his first title fight. Fortunately for us it was on St. Thomas, not in Vegas like they were hoping it would be last December. Unfortunately for us my camera died as soon as I sat down and took this picture. So you'll just have to take my word for it that he won. And now has a HUGE gold belt. That lives in his closet. 

We finally made it out to Buck Island on a catamaran. (The St. Thomas Buck Island, not the St. Croix Buck island, which sounds even more fabulous.) It was one of those big touristy catamarans but still fun. The day was perfect for boating. 

There were sea turtles in that there water. Lots and lots of sea turtles.

Before you hate us too much, this guy has invited out on this boat continuously for the past year and this excursion was the first time (in a year!) we were actually able to take him up on it. Just in the nick of time. Because he's on his way up to Rhode Island to work on a yacht for the summer. Because he's all fancy-pants yacht staff material apparently. And also generally fun to have around. If I had a yacht, I'd surely hire him.

And there you go. All the fun things we've had going on over the past few weeks. Not even counting Carnival. Oh Carnival. Just you wait til I post about that... 


  1. I love those shoes you wore with the sequin skirt - very cute! :)

  2. Thanks! Would you believe they're from Kohls? I got them on a trip to the states last summer.