Friday, 27 April 2012

Adventures in Computerland - Part Dos

The computer called while Seth and I were out yesterday and said it was thinking of going off to Europe to some research center for rare tropical diseases. At first I was all for it. Let's knock this bug out and get back to regular blogging (and actual work too). But then I started thinking it sounded suspiciously like the story Bella gave her dad when she was actually just trying to conceal that she had been impregnated by a vampire. So now I'm trying to determine the odds that our computer might be carrying vampire spawn. At this point it's really one of the last logical explanations for it's sudden decline in health. And if I think back, it's health problems began right around the time good ole Ed Cullen was five minutes from our house filming his honeymoon last year. The problems have been increasing steadily ever since. I'm going to suggest the theory to Seth and his dad. What would one do if there was actually a half-breed vampire fetus gestating in the computer? Perhaps I should put a tarp under it. That birth scene is serious.

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