Sunday, 22 April 2012

Adventures in Computerland

In case you have been checking in frequently, hoping today will finally be the day that I've opened up my life to you again, I am sorry. The computer is still sick. We've moved it into the living room so that it can watch Price is Right reruns, nap, and pass time with the rest of the family. But all the antibiotics and chicken soup in the world don't seem to be helping. We're asking it to hang on until Monday when tech support is open. Until then it's surviving on Nyquil and jello.

Seth attempted to perform surgery on Saturday. First, we prepped for computer hard drive replacement surgery by watching two episodes of Lost on Netflix. (Because, honestly, its hard to concentrate when all those people are still trapped on that crazy island. More answers were needed before we could completely devote our minds to another task.) The silly island internet turned two 42 minute episodes into 3+ hours of stop and go viewing. With no decent questions answered and two more characters dead, it was time to move on with our life. The tiny screwdrivers came out and we got Seth's dad on the phone. He's our on-call computer doctor. After all the surgical instruments had been laid out in an organized fashion, the computer had been brought out the living room, and the Bruins game had been turned on, we were ready.

It started out as such a good idea. So much hope. So much. Several hours later I (wisely) decided it might be best to remove myself from the immediate area. Finn loyally sat by Seth through it all. I holed up in the bedroom and read The Hunger Games cover to cover. The Bruins lost a playoff game, the Sox gave up a 9-0 lead to the Yankees, Barcelona and Zaragoza both experienced defeat, and the computer continues to suffer from it's mysterious ailment. Seth is still recovering from taking so many blows at once.

In the meantime, I've been taking lots of pictures in anticipation of regular blogging again. Carnival is this week. We've got friends arriving for a visit. A potential St Thomas hike to a remote beach. And tickets to my first professional title fight in a few days. All in the immediate future. Get well soon computer.

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