Friday, 15 June 2012

Farting Pineapples

Seth has visions of mango chutney dancing in his head. Of course with our luck they'll all ripen simultaneously and be eaten by birds and iguanas while we're away for a week this summer.

But the first fruits have been picked and are ripening in the sun on our back porch, so we'll at least get a few in before the iguanas take over.

We've also been looking forward to our once-a-year pineapple. This plant has given us one pineapple every 12 months for several years now. Picking our cute little pineapple every year causes us to pat ourselves on the back for being such fantastic island gardeners. 

Until our neighbor stuck three pineapple tops into the ground a few months back. We've been grumbling amongst ourselves about his pineapples being larger than ours. I think they heard us because then they started farting baby pineapples just to prove their unequaled dominance.

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