Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was full of fun island events. We started our Saturday out early to cheer on friends in the Skim Slam at Morningstar Beach down by the Marriott. Usually we're off island in early June so this is the first time we were able to attend.

Seriously, can you handle the cuteness of some of the smaller competitors? I was definitely not that cool when I was that tiny.

If you're unfamiliar with skimming, you're basically on a short, wide, thin board attempting to just skim the surface of the water. It's harder than it looks. You basically throw your board into the receding water and get a running start before jumping on it.

Then you ride it "skimming" on the surface out to an incoming wave and ride it back in. It's also a little skateboard-ish because riders can do tricks on and with the board (spins, jumps, etc.) if they're good enough. The waves were tiny this Saturday but the riders still managed to put on a good show.

We left near the end of the competition and drove out to Lindquist Beach on the other side of the island for King of the Wing. While Morningstar was sunny and breezy, Lindquist was still and sweltering. I'm assuming it was having 30+ grills and the occasional deep fryer going as restaurants and local groups competed for the best wing on the island. I didn't partake in the wings but I did lend my opinion on the leftover sauce on Seth's. Old Stone Farmhouse was up among my favorites. They also had delicious made-in-house bush tea. And congrats to our friend Julius (and Fat Turtle) for the winning recipe! I sure do love having friends who can cook.

Sunday we went down to the Yacht Haven farmers market. The lady that used to own Plant Depot is now selling flowers and organic herbs down there. She's apparently the lady behind the potted herbs at Fruit Bowl these days to. We were good on herbs but picked up some zinnias to add color to the back porch. I also found the egg lady that I had been searching for for months. Of course in the meantime I've found two other sources of local eggs (a guy with a table in front of Fort Milner Plaza and a lady who sells them at the top of Dunoe on Fridays). So hopefully we'll never be local egg-less again.

(Thanks Kari for the photo. I've got to start remembering my camera!)

When we got home from the farmers market, Seth picked a few more near ripe mangos. I guess I was wrong about them all ripening when we're gone. Fortunately. 

The rest of the weekend was spent the being lazy. Euro 2012 was watched. So was Sofia Coppola's no-longer-anywhere-near-new movie Somewhere. (I loved what a contrast it was to her Marie Antoinette even with the similar themes of wealth, loneliness and meaning. Still visually beautiful but in a sparse and empty way.) The zinnias found new homes in pots on the back porch. Burgers were grilled. Kale chips baked. And new magazines were read. Good weekend. 

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