Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lavender, we have a problem...

The zipper on my favorite pair of jeans busted recently. Some of the teeth at the base fell out and for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix them. The fact that I've worn them to death over the past three years probably has something to do with it. After going online in search of a replacement pair I made an alarming discovery: I'm not a fan of the blue jean washes that are out and about right now. Yet here I was in need of jeans. So what's a girl to do? For some reason my brain said the next logical step was to do a google search for "lavender jeans." I think I did it because all I'm seeing are coral/red/cobalt/mint jeans out right now. Lavender jeans was my act of rebellion. (I live on the edge.) I even pinned a pair on Pinterest and 41 strangers re-pinned it within ten minutes. (Yep, that's me. Living on the edge with lavender and Pinterest. Just try and stop me.) So at least 41 completely random people I will never meet are on board with my choice. Awesome. It's creepily affirming.

So I bought the jeans. These jeans actually. I wasn't sure what to expect for $44 from a store aimed at teenagers but they arrived yesterday (via Seth's parents because AE doesn't ship here and they didn't arrive when we were in Massachusetts like the lying website said they would). And I like them. I like them a lot. I thought I was all original and lavender was the best idea I'd ever had. (Ever!) Until I went to grab a pair of Anthropologie pants I bought last year. Which are a greyish lavender. Those pants were folded nicely next to a lavender nightgown I bought a few month ago. Which seems to perfectly match one of my favorite nail polishes (Sally Hanson's Commander in Chic). Which is an exact replica of a flower broach I picked up in London a couple years ago. And wouldn't you know that a mere hour before I made this discovery I had been out at Kmart forcing myself to resist purchasing Essie's Playdate (a pastel lavender nail polish I've been stalking for two months). So apparently I have a lavender problem that has been creeping up on me for sometime now. 

Upon my frustration of not being able to accurately capture the colors in the above picture, I took a sip of the kombucha from Fruit Bowl that I had been enjoying all morning (probiotics are good for your belly!). It was what I told myself I was allowed to get if I could resist the nail polish. And I noticed it was. You guessed it. Not guava. Not passionfruit. It was lavender. 

So, coral-schmoral. Mint-schmint. I don't care what all the magazines say is the color right now. My vote is with lavender. 

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