Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend Highlights

I'm considering making a "no plans next weekend" rule because our last few weekends have been so packed full of good stuff. I'm literally trying not to fall asleep as I write this Sunday afternoon. 

I spent a few hours helping a friend clean out her closet. She needed moral support to throw out some old stuff that didn't fit, was worn out, and just generally isn't amazing enough for her to be wearing. We figured out what she should be on the hunt for (one pair of cute shorts and a few pairs of basic shorts) and what she shouldn't purchase unless she falls in total love and can't bear to walk out of the store without it (tops, dresses, and shoes). Here's a before and after shot of her shoe shelf. What you can't see in the before shot is the pile of shoes and boxes to the right of the shelf. We eliminated a huge pile of shoes so that everything she's keeping can now live on that shelf to be seen and used more frequently. 

I learned to skurf at Brewers Beach this weekend. I think. We did it on a skim board, not a surf board. And we didn't stand. Just kneeled. So maybe just something similar to skurfing? Skurfing is being pulled behind a boat on a surf board (or skim board). So it's like wake boarding (or in our case, kneeboarding) without anything actually strapping you to the board. You start out on your stomach holding onto the board and rope. When you get going fast enough you push up on the board into a kneeling (or standing) position. Surf and skim boards also have the extra challenge of being covered in wax and sand. So it's like death kneeboarding. My elbows, hip bones, and knees are covered in scabs and bruises. But it was totally worth it. 

Our friend Julius won King of the Wing last weekend with his chipotle bacon WBC wings. There was a party down at Fat Turtle to celebrate. 

We also made it out to the Bordeaux farmers market this weekend. If you live on St. Thomas and haven't heard, they're holding it twice monthly now instead of just once. It's on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. (And the Yacht Haven farmers market is the 1st and 3rd Sundays, so you've got all the weekend farmers market action you could ask for.) We took a friend out for her first experience. I'm always surprised to find out there are people who have never been before. If you don't know how to get there, just take the road past the airport and UVI and keep going straight for forever. (Forever!) Until you see the Vitran stop and sign on your right. Then you're there.

The Bordeaux farms are back behind the farmers market. Seth got to go over early with a friend for a tour. Apparently they've even got their own beach down there and everything. Unfortunately I couldn't make the tour and just showed up for the market.

My favorite egg man was there but we're fully stocked on local eggs. I had hoped to call in advance and have him bring me a chicken (he sells freshly slaughtered and cleaned chickens!!!) but our fridge and freezer was full so I'm going to try that out another time. We're out of honey but unfortunately our favorite local honey stand was empty.

This guy makes some of the best vegetarian soup ever. He always has pumpkin soup and slow cooks it over a fire in a earthenware pot. Sometimes he's got other soups as well. The price is steep ($8 a bowl) but totally worth it. 

Only half the booths were occupied by the time we left but I still got my fill of sorrel and tamarind drinks, lentil fritters, and barbecued tofu. We left with full bellies but no honey. Oh well. 

We had great plans to come home and make mango chutney before taking Finn to the beach, but it didn't happen. Exhaustion set in. The rest of Sunday was spent in a lazy stupor watching England vs. Italy and trying to do as little as possible.

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