Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Water Island Summer Movies

Just curious, but what were you doing Monday night? If you were lucky you were on Honeymoon Beach for their Monday night movie. It's going on all summer. We've done it a few times and the experience is always awesome...even when the movie is not. (For the non-STT folks, Water Island is that island in the back. It's right in the Charlotte Amalie harbor.)

There's a ferry that leaves from Crown Bay every hour. Not sure if it's on the hour or on the half hour, but if you have an extra thirty minutes you can just have a drink at Tickle's while you wait. If you're super lucky you can skip the ferry because you have an awesome friend with an awesome dinghy who will come and pick you up.

If you've never been to Water Island, the beach is just a short walk from the dock. Basically up a hill and then down again. Get there early enough to do some beach exploring. See if you can find this. 

Wear shoes while you search for it. Or live with a thorn in your foot for a week like I did. Your call. And when the sun goes down, pay your dollars for popcorn from the golf-cart-turned-concession-stand and settle in for a movie between the palm trees. They set up chairs but you could bring a blanket too. And your dog. It's one of the best possible ways to end a Monday.

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