Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What do Sea Turtles and Dengue Fever have in common?

I got to experience them both in one day. Unfortunately, the dengue hung out a whole heck of a lot longer than the turtles. So even though a week and half ago my day started out with a whole lot of this...

It ended with a fever, chills, backache, head ache, eye pain, and a full body rash (ew). And by "ended" I mean lasted for lots of days. The next week was dominated by tylenol, water, tea with honey, thermometers and four hour naps. It completely stole away my will to blog.

Dengue is weird. And terrible. And I hope the mosquito that gave it to me died a slow terrible death. But the turtles were awesome. I hope they live to swim many more days. With me.

We leave tomorrow for a few weeks stateside. A lot of it will be spent helping my parents move from our much-too-large-for-them-now-that-the-kids-are-gone childhood home to a quirky historic home from the early 1800s about fifteen minutes away. It has 200 year old fireplaces and doorknobs and picture rails. And a claw foot tub from when the indoor bathroom was originally added to the house. Amidst the moving, Seth and I will also be escaping for a mini-getaway in Savannah. Did you know that whole city is haunted? Fact. I will do my best not to get eaten by antebellum ghosts in my sleep so that I can post lots of pictures when it's over.

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  1. Ugh - such a beautiful beginning and terrible ending. So sorry that you had to deal with dengue fever!!

    Have a great time in Georgia, I'm sad that we weren't able to get back at the same time. You're going to need to visit Colorado - maybe the next US camp could be Frontier?! ;)