Friday, 17 August 2012

Took the Midnight Plane to Georgia

Success! We flew away yesterday, St. Thomas to Atlanta. We've got three solid weeks with my family. Other than the whirlwind three days I was able to fly in for last summer after my nephew was born, it's been two years since we've been to see them.

My dietary choices used to make airports really frustrating places to be. Cutting out the meat and the dairy left me with options like a mealy old apple for $3 or potato chips or a super boring salad. That is, until my life magically aligned with the best airport restaurant ever. We flew into Miami a year or so ago and had to make a mad dash to our gate where our next flight was already boarding. I ran up to the nearest counter and found a magically delicious, dairy-free wheat berry salad. For $4. And there were pretty cakes. And an espresso machine. And then we flew away and I could never manage to find it again. Until a friend last month told me she'd meet me at the gate on a flight back to St. Thomas. She was just going to take the train to D4 to grab a wheat berry salad from the best airport restaurant ever. I almost punched her in the face with excitment when I realized fate was about to reunite me with an oasis I had started to think I had dreamed up.

Ice Box. Ahhh. Hiding over in D4 all that time. This is what contentment amidst a day of airport travel looks like.

Then on the plane Seth left to go to the bathroom. And never returned. Seriously, I was starting to worry. Until he showed up with a handful of wine and Dewars. Apparently he had befriended a flight attendant and discovered we had a lot of mutual friends on St. Thomas. Do you know what happens after eating your delicious wheat berry salad and then finishing out a smooth travel day with a few glasses of in-flight red wine? You spend the rest of your flight trying to convince Seth that Short Circuit 2 is, in fact, the absolute best childrens movie ever made. (What? It's not a childrens movie? Lies. I had the entire thing memorized long before I made it to the 4th grade.)

You even get tears in your eyes when recounting what an outcast Johnny 5 felt like when he went to buy Frankenstien at the bookstore. And remember having to ask your mom about why Johnny 5 was so sad while reading about the Frankenstein monster because 8  year old you didn't understand the synbolism. Oh, Johhny 5, it wasn't your fault. You thought those bank robbers were your friends. You didn't know!

Honestly a day of travel couldn't get much better. And as soon as my nephew masters that peg/hammer thingy we bought him for his birthday, we're going to move on and learn the life-changing cinematic genius that is Short Circuit 2.

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