Monday, 27 August 2012

Zoolander Moments

We got back from Savannah last week. Do you know when I went to Savannah as a kid (on a Brownie  Girl Scout trip or something) our leaders took us on a ghost tour? That whole city is haunted. Buildings, churches, hotels, parks, fire hydrants. All haunted. I still remember being more terrified than I had ever been in my entire life. I remember one night where I couldn't sleep. I just stared at a picture on my hotel wall and waited to be murdered by a ghost hag lady until the sun came up. Who thought it was a good idea to take a bunch of eight years olds on a ghost tour? This was the first time I was willing to go back to Savannah since that trip. Over twenty years. That's a lot of emotional ghost scarring.

On the second day of our trip, a not-sketchy looking dude with a camera came up to us in Forsyth Park and introduced himself as Mangue Banzima. He asked if he could take my picture. Mangue is from NYC and now runs a Sartorialist-like style blog in Savannah. Seth was wearing a polo and khaki shorts and wasn't allowed to be in the picture. He was allowed to stand to the right and hold my iced coffee. Sorry Seth.

Now, let's be truthful, I really like style blogs. I read them a lot. A lot a lot. So to have a stranger ask me to be on one was pretty frickin' cool. I'll admit it. This is a picture Seth had snapped of the same outfit earlier that day on a flower-strewn sidewalk. 

There's a story behind the vest. It involves a new boutique opening on St. Thomas. More on that later. My picture on Qui Savannah is here. 


  1. that's exciting about the street style pic, and hilarious about the ghost tour. that does seem like a very bad idea!

    1. i know. seriously most traumatizing road trip ever. (and ps...your blog is adorable! i just blog stalked you.)

  2. You are do fashionably gorgeous! LOVE IT!