Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Streets (and shoes) of Savannah

(Sorry for the weird photo lighting. Can't figure out how to edit on my dad's computer.)

My most comfortable walking shoes are (in this order) a pair of four inch tall 80%20 booties from Piperlime, shiny red Cole Haan heels from my inlaws, and a very recently super-Zappos-clearance-purchased pair of tasseled Burberry flats. I highly recommend finding comfortable walking shoes that don't look like comfortable walking shoes. It's life-changing. Or at least wardrobe changing. I wore them all over the quirky uneven old streets in Savannah. Although my feet started feeling bruised and tired from the miles upon miles upon miles of walking that we decided to do, I didn't have a single blister.

Old bricks pavers in a herringbone pattern

Sidewalks made of oyster shells

Crazy uneven (but beautiful) cobblestone

More old brick pavers

The 150 year old hardwood floors in our hotel room

I agonized over whether or not to get those Burberry flats. Even on super clearance (well over 60% off) they were above anything I've ever paid for shoes. And they totally wiped out my spending money fund for a few months. But I'd been toying with the idea lately of only investing in well-made quality shoes as I replace the lower quality shoes in my closet that are falling apart. I also wanted to start avoiding shoes made in China. And I've kind of been hankering for a pair of flats with tassels. A lot. A lot a lot. They remind me of shoes my dad used to wear. (Sorry Seth. Another closet addition that reminds me of something old men would wear...) These seemed too perfect when I saw them. So I snagged them. (Others I considered here. I went with Burberry over the Bass shoes because they weren't made in China. But the Bass Washington's are cute and way less money.)

A week after they arrived, Marlien Rentmeester (of Lucky Magazine) wrote about tasseled loafers over on her blog Le Catch. And I squealed. And told Seth. (It's the little things... Kind of the same way I did when I just ran upstairs and yelled to Seth, "Someone I've never met commented on my blog!") Supposedly all the chic French girls are wearing them these days. Ooh la la! And I can smile when I remember I had them first. The same way I can tell my husband I started cheering for the Red Sox before they won the 2004 World Series. 

So apparently tassels might be around for a while. Go get you some!


  1. i'm totally with you in rethinking investing in quality items in the wardrobe. no more made in china by a child slave! and i'm totally with you on the excitement of someone you've never met commenting on your blog. i did the same thing(well, not to seth of course)!

    1. I started thinking about it after reading your post on stewardship and slave labor a few back. It's been rattling around in my brain ever since and I've read a few more articles and had some heavy conversations on the subject. Thanks!