Friday, 31 August 2012

Sleep Eat See Savannah

So now that you've seen what I walked around in Savannah in, let's get down to what I saw. Honest opinion, Savannah is gorgeous. We stayed in a petite queen room (read: the cheapest one) at the Marshall House and it was all the space we needed. The hotel is over 150 years old and still has all the original floors, doors, and ghosts. There was a complimentary breakfast every morning (not your average cereal and yogurt affair, although they did offer both cereal and yogurt) and wine tasting every night (can't say it was the best wine I've tasted, but I appreciated the effort). The hotel was also right on Broughton, pretty darn central in the historic district.
The Marshall House - Oldest Hotel in Savannah

The original courtyard (now covered) where they served breakfast and coffee

The lobby, complete with backgammon tables that we totally owned during the evening wine service
One of our favorite parts of any vacation is the food. There was a lot of good food to be had. My favorite stops were Gallery Espresso, B. Matthews, and 45 Bistro (our hotel restaurant). We also enjoyed the Mrs. Wilkes lunch experience but I don't know if I'd do it again. That's a lot of food to eat twice in your life. Fortunately the stars aligned and we were in line with a cool Australian couple. They  had been living in Vancouver and were doing a US road trip before moving back to Australia. If you have to sit a community table and share over 25 southern dishes family-style with complete strangers, we totally hit the jackpot with them as our companions.

Gallery Espresso

Our fried green tomato and (local) crab cake appetizer at B. Matthews

The bar and lounge at 45 Bistro (taken through the glass french doors connecting it to our hotel lobby)

The line coming out the door and heading down the block at Mrs. Wilkes. Take our concierge's advice and don't show up until 1:30pm so your wait is only 30 minutes instead of 2 hours.

Our food and coffee fueled our long walks throughout the historic district and river street. Savannah is just a beautiful place.

After checking out of the hotel, we decided to drive out to Bonaventture Cemetery before heading back up to Atlanta. About the time we rolled in it started thundering and before Seth could make it back to the car with a cemetery map the skies completely let loose. Everyone else cleared out and we drove through the starting-to-flood cemetery all by ourselves for about an hour in the thunder and lightening. For a good ten minutes we were trapped next to a weirdly creepy little girl statue at 6 year old Gracie Watson's plot. Being trapped in our car next to little girl statues from the 1700s in a flooding cemetery during a thunder and lightening storm seemed like fitting end to a trip to Savannah trip. 

We hung out with little Gracie Watson to keep her company during the storm.

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