Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nola's in Havensite

I've gotten the opportunity over the last several months to help out a bit with the new St. Thomas boutique, Nola's, and I'm so excited it's finally open. Located in Havensight, around the corner from First Bank and directly across from Scotia Bank, this place a total gem. Maybe I'm biased because I got to go on a buying trip with the owner and pick out flirty flowy dresses and shoes last February, but I'm pretty much guaranteeing you it won't disappoint.

Seriously, who on this island doesn't want a few more pretty shoes for their feet? These are made in Brazil (not China!) and I'm actually a little obsessed with the orange pair in the bottom right corner that didn't quite make it into the picture. (Guess you'll have to go in to see them for yourself!)

There's a pretty sparkly chandelier... help you see the pretty sparkly Havianas.

There are lots of racks of sweet colorful dresses.

And I convinced the owner to order a very small number of these army green vests (it's super soft!) for people like me who possess a gene that prohibits them from wearing sweet colorful dresses on their own. I got to pick it up a few weeks ago before the store opened and I'm wearing it with pretty much everything I own. I knew in late winter that it had been ordered and then Tommy Hilfiger came out with spring ads showing various women wearing a similar one and looking preppily awwwe-some. Super score! Me and the Hilfigers. It's like one mind. At least when it comes to army green utility vests. If you want one I'd go pick one up fast because I'm pretty sure there are only 2 or 3 left. (As in, she only ordered 3 or 4 and I already have one.) 

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