Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I was telling Seth yesterday that this blog is good accountability. My mind has always been swirling with a long list of things I want to do but typically I'll fritter away perfectly good weekends or free time doing nothing. Sometimes I need a rest (like this past weekend) but sometimes I'm just being straight up lazy. And then truth is if I'm not attempting to make good food, dress myself like I'm not a total hobo, improve our home, or just getting out of the house to do something then I don't have anything interesting to talk about. Friends only want to hear so much about my recent Netflix instant watch conquests. Especially when those friends have kids. Then they just want to punch me in the face for complaining about how I just wasted allll thaaat freee tiiime I've got. Checking any one of the things off that above list not only gives a sense of satisfaction (finally! I got off my tail and did something) but it gives me something to share on here.

For instance, here is our living room. Granted, it's our living room when it was clean once three months ago. But still, if I squint my eyes and imagine what's underneath the current layer of miscellaneous mail, drying laundry, and dog hair (I know Finn, it's stinkin' hot, no one is blaming you) it's still our living room.

At just a quick glance I can see three things in this picture that I've been saying I was going to get around to for months:

1. Do something so that the $35 Ikea lamp doesn't look like a $35 Ikea lamp. This will likely involve bronze spray paint. Because 50% of what I do involves bronze spray paint. In fact at this very moment I'm staring at a tape dispenser on the desk thinking, "dang it melissa, you were going to spray paint that bronze this weekend. what happened?"

2. Make a new dining table. Yes, make one. What? You didn't have a dad that started teaching you how to make furniture at the age of six? That's weird. I'd already had my own set of tools for two years by that point. Real tools. Not that plastic fisher price "let's coddle the baby and give her something safe" garbage. They were metal. And my hack saw came with extra blades to cut through various materials. If I remember correctly they were delivered by santa along with a my little pony dream castle and a rainbow bright sleeping bag. Seth asked once what I would actually use that tool set for when I was little. I said I made a lot of stools. And I will never live that statement down.

3. Hang art. We've got a few framed photographs (mine from a high school photography class) and a block stamp printing that my brother did in art school. They are just lying on the counter where they've been for two months. It would take less than ten minutes to hang them. Have I done it yet? No.

But accountability, right? Now that I've put it on here I have to follow up. Those are the rules. Thanks for keeping me honest guys. You're the best. Are their any projects I can shame encourage you into completing too? I'm all about sharing the love.


  1. I have only had my blog for a year or so and I love having it for myself, I collect inspiring images and textiles artist's work and it's my scrap book. I think it's fantastic but sadly I don't always have time to update it as often as I'd like and I have lists of things that I'd like to post about.

  2. sounds very busy and time consuming! i think your living room looks gorgeous as is.