Friday, 12 October 2012


So I got my hair all did up pretty today. I may permanently move all hair appointments to 4pm on Fridays. The girls are all in giddy moods. You don't have to pass up the champagne because it's in the middle of a work day. And it's nice to start the weekend with a professional blow out.

I didn't get it cut today. Still growing it out after years of short hair. I was cashing in on a shampoo and style gift certificate that I won a few months back. But I did get something new.

Look. See it?

No? Hold on.


This October La Luna Salon is donating $7 to the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute on St Thomas for each "pink" service they provide. This could be a pink manicure or pedicure. Or it could be a big honkin' pink chunk in your hair. Which is obviously the way I went. Because when you have a perfectly legitimate excuse to have pink hair why wouldn't you? Click here to link to La Luna's facebook page for more details. Or give them a call at (340)777-LUNA.

In other news, when clicking to their facebook page to attach the link here I noticed that their most recent post was about canceling all appointments tomorrow because of the Catagory 1 hurricane that may hit. What the...? Don't ever let me fool you into believing I'm up to date on current events. I mean, I do my best. I've watched the debates. I'm aware of the whole mess in the Middle East. But I'm also apparently the person that learns about impending hurricanes on salon facebook pages. Although the cheering at the high school football game we can hear floating in through our windows right this second lends itself to thinking this a pretty normal weekend. Oh well. At least we're fully stocked on water. See you on the flip side I guess. Wish I'd done one last load of laundry today before all the rain replenishes our cistern.

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