Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Do you know Everlane?

Hey St Thomians, lookie-lookie what Seth did!

Everlane now ships here! If you haven't heard of Everlane don't stress. You're not the last person on the planet to hear about them. They're relatively new. I discovered them sort of randomly and appreciate their concept. They make high quality items using the same tailors/manufacturers that other high quality brands use. But by cutting out all the middle men (stores, etc.) all their items are offered for less the $100. I'm dying to try out their womens tees (only fifteen bucks!) but I'm going to hold off until a few tees I got stateside this summer get all ratty and worn out. (Which, as you know, happens every few months here on this hot sweaty island with hard cistern water and whatever creature keeps eating tiny holes in all my cotton items.)

What I did fall in love with right away was their weekender bag. 

Seth got me a great Puma weekender bag a lot of years ago as an anniversary gift. It looks like a bowling bag from the 70s and is basically super rad. I have used it nearly to death in all our travels. The Everlane bags also have a retro-ish vibe and it was love at first site. They didn't ship to St. Thomas but for our anniversary he got me on a waitlist for the bag and when it became available again he asked them (in my name) if they would begin shipping to the Virgin Islands. And they did. 

So if you end up making any Everlane purchases and have them shipped to your house your nearest post office on St Thomas you can thank Seth for that convenience. Isn't he great? And if you want to sign up for the site (it's one of those members only sites) I'd love if you used my invite code: 


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  1. I love learning of new online stores that have cute, inexpensive goods. Thanks for sharing - I'll check it out!