Monday, 1 October 2012

Tomato Jam, my bad...

Warning: This is a completely unhelpful post. I tell you about something awesome and then don't share with you how to get it. Just wanted to be clear about that.

Remember a few months ago when I told you about "wasting" a whole lot of tomatoes and an entire Sunday afternoon making 5 pints of tomato jam that weren't worth eating. Well, I take it back. It's not that the jam wasn't worth eating. It just wasn't what I expected. And now that I've gotten over my disappointment due to the wrong expectations, the jam is delicious. We eat it several times a week. Usually on toast with an egg on top.

Our creativity stops there. Because that's really all we want out of it. Just a quick meal or an lazy Saturday morning breakfast. A way to dress up an egg on toast. And boy does it dress it up. Best mistake ever! So I thought I'd pass along the recipe. And then I realized that because I was originally so angry at the jam for not being what I wanted it to be that I didn't save the recipe. Going to have to do a whole lot more searching to figure out where it came from. Sorry. But don't worry. I'll be sure to find it before the jam we have runs out. It's too good to not have on hand!

UPDATE 1/25/13 - Found the recipe! We still have about three small jars of the original batch to finish up. Then I'll make more and post the recipe.

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