Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Highlights

Haven't done weekend highlights in a while. It was a full on busy island weekend this weekend. There was a multi-island volleyball tournament. Volleyball is a huuuuge deal on St. Thomas. It's not like Georgia where 95% percent of the time I forgot that our school even had a volleyball team. Unless... Wait. Did we even have a volleyball team?

Up the hill from the tournament was the Antilles School Fall Fest where Seth bought me the best popsicle I've ever had. The wrapper said they're made locally here in the Virgin Islands. Does anyone know where they're sold? I need more of these. Now please.

The Humane Society's annual Barktoberfest was happening out Bolongo Bay on Sunday. Because there is no dog park on the island where we can take Finn to socialize with other dogs, we usually try and make this event a priority. It's good for him to come out from under the couch once a year. Although at Barktoberfest he just spends most of his time sitting by himself under picnic tables. I guess he was trying to be all brooding and mysterious for the ladies.

It was super rainy elsewhere on the island but Bolongo the sun was beating down. And hot. We didn't last long. But I did get my bangs trimmed for $5 courtesy of Phoenix Visions. (I can knock that off this week's to-do list.) These ladies gave haircuts on a hot beach all afternoon and donated the proceeds to the Humane Society.

Seth departed after Barktoberfest for a football bro-date. I went to a Halloween shindig. Follow the orange path through the trees. Be careful not to trip on rocks or tombstones.

The path leads you here.

A creep-tastic home full of Halloween cobwebs, spiders, frothy green punch, and about 50 Disney Princesses. I mean, why do we even try to be scary on Halloween anymore? Can't we honestly give in and admit that Disney has won? I vote that we rename it Disney Princess Day and move on. And for all you grown ups that are objecting because you still like to dress up, don't worry. You can still make Disney Princesses slutty. Haven't you seen the original Little Mermaid. I mean, seriously Ariel. Put those things away.

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