Monday, 12 November 2012

Karama Gifts

Sometimes I think through the list of people around the world that I have the privilege to call friends and think, "I can't believe they like me." There are some pretty amazing people on that list. I'm not fishing for compliments here. I get that I can make some pretty mean cinnamon rolls and last week when Seth told a teenage guy that I wear "old man clothes" the guy said that's because I "am boss enough to carry it off." I'm 32. And an 18 year old boy called me and my old man style "boss." That's good. It's one of my favorite compliments ever. I get it. I'm not trying to say I'm some total loser and guilt you into saying nice things about me. But still, the quality of my friends is pretty unbelievable. I get to hear stories about them doing the robot on stage at strip clubs, allowing them to see backstage conditions and if there may be girls being trafficked through the establishment. Or they tell me about hiking Kilimanjaro to raise money for clean water. Or they invite us to go sailing in Croatia while they take a break from working with impoverished kids in Eastern Europe. How did I get so lucky? They're in a league of their own.

I have this one friend, Dyan, that packed up her life about ten years ago and moved with her husband and young kids to Africa. One of the many things she's done since she's been there is help found Karama, a nonprofit that gives dignity to women from several different African nations by allowing them to learn a craft and work for fair wages to support their families. 

I've been eying a handwoven scarf on the Karama website for about a month now. Then Dyan goes and offers me free shipping for anything I order from Karama this Friday, November 16th. Then when I ask her if I can offer that to any of you guys who would like to make an order, get some early holiday shopping done, and support African artisans she said yes. Isn't she something? Here are some of my favorites from the website.

A handwoven cotton and silk scarf:

Beautiful soaps handmade by women in Zanzibar. And at only $4 a pop it's worth having a few extra on hand as hostess gifts for any last second holiday parties you get invited to.

A simple necklace for adding snazz to a t-shirt and jeans kind of day:

You know that if my nephew was a she instead of a he, there would be a whole bunch of these little flower hair clips in his future:

And I wish I was in the market for another throw pillow because I love this graphic black and peach pattern (other patterns/colors available on the website). Artisans in the Democratic Republic of Congo take days to weave each square. Then artisans in Ethiopia sew the fabric into pillows. Helping two groups of women with one purchase!

So check out Karama sometime this week. If you see something that you love, order it this Friday and at checkout type DYANSPARTY as the coupon code to get free shipping. Buy some holiday gifts (or something for yourself) and know that you're supporting women receiving fair wages and the dignity of being able to support themselves and their families. Happy shopping!

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