Monday, 5 November 2012

Weekend Highlights - Ag Fair Not Included

My weekend was visually stunning, so get ready for an onslaught of pictures! After a really busy week, we had a really busy weekend planned. It started with an 11:30pm Friday night dinner on the Shipwreck porch with Finn in tow. (If you're every starving after 11pm and you've got your dog along to make things more complicated, Shipwreck is the place to go.) I had an early Saturday morning date with some kiddos at Coral World and Coki Beach while Seth stayed behind to befriend yet another Apple Care employee in an attempt to fix some problems we're having with our itunes library.

Little girlies watching the shark feeding
Wrangling a little shark for the kiddos to pet

Listening to the "turtle talk" at the turtle habitat down near sea level

Sunday we were all set to (finally) make it to the annual Agricultural Fair down at UVI. We miss this event every year and everyone talks about how fun it is. Then at 11am this text jingle-jangled my phone:

Do u two want to go boating today? BVI expedition. Leaving circa noon from the Yacht Club. Just bring suits. We got the rest.

Sorry Ag Fair. You lose again. Our afternoon was spent exploring Jost van Dyke instead. We actually went through customs at Jost, which I've never done before. Usually we go through customs on Tortola because we're hopping around a little bit before ending up at Jost.

 So, a drink at Foxy's while we wait for our captain to check us in.

Then back to the boat to head over to Foxy's Taboo for lunch. This place was new to me and I was surprised by how good the food was. Our table had everything from burgers with fresh mango chutney to beet and gorgonzola salad to lamb kebabs. In my experience, places like this in beautiful boating locations often don't make much effort with the food but Taboo was an exception.

After lunch we hiked over to the Bubbly Pool. A friend in the Bahamas sent me a picture once and asked if I'd been. At that point, I hadn't even heard of it. So glad we've been. It's a fun little experience and the surf on Sunday was great, strong enough to be fun but not strong enough to be too dangerous.

And of course after we were done swimming at the Bubbly Pool and hunting down the cutest little hermit crabs in existence...

...we hiked back to the boat and went over to White Bay to hit up Soggy Dollar. If you haven't heard of the Soggy Dollar, it gets its name because there is no dock. You have to jump of your boat and swim in to get there. Over the cash register they have a line for drying out all the "soggy dollars" people pay with.

Love seeing that Georgia "G" front and center!

Soggy Dollar invented the pain killer and they get it right every time. Until a few weeks ago on the Ritz's Lady Lynsey, I'd never had a good pain killer on St Thomas. They were a Jost-only drink.  Someone in our party yesterday swears that the pain killers at Caneel Bay on St John are actually the best. I guess Seth and I will just have to make a trip over there sometime soon to check out this claim.

On our way home we caught the best sunset.

And made it back to the yacht club right as the sun went down.

There's nothing like being boat tired is there? I was in bed by 9:30pm. (Although Seth was an overachiever and stayed up to bottle a new batch of beer that's done fermenting.) Sorry Ag Fair. We'll have to try again to check out your chickens and bee keepers next year.

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  1. Ohh, yeah! When oh when are we coming to visit! Gotta tslk specs with Seth the beer maker. We will have our first batch on DRAFT in 9 days when George Rathgaber arrives!! Kolsh.... So glad you found the bubbly pool for me!