Friday, 30 November 2012

Let's Hear it for the (Little) Boys

Pre-Thanksgivng I was scanning J.Crew in a late night "I wish I had more sweaters for Boston" haze. I'm always woefully unprepared for New England winters and Seth's mom spends the entire time throwing extra coats on me. I can't make it out the door without her exclaiming "You're just wearing that?" Not because she's pushy but because she doesn't want me to freeze to death in a ditch somewhere and I often looked as if that was exactly what I was leaving the house to do. Apparently a pea coat is not suitable for blizzards. Just in case you were thinking of trying to wear one.

I went through my sweaters a few months ago to see which (of the five) were worthy of our upcoming December trip. Only one lasted the purge. Two were outdated and the other two smelled like mold. (Thank you island.) On this pre-Thanksgiving night I wasn't actually expecting to find something. I was more feeling sorry for myself about going to a cold weather place with only one sweater and not being able to justify buying a few more at $90 a pop. Because let's face it, I'd only wear them once or twice and then pack them up for another year. Then I remembered something I read a hundred years ago about the largest little boy sizes fitting adult women. So I checked the little boy section. There I found the most perfect fisherman's sweater in the entire universe. For well over half the price of a grown up sweater. And on crazy pre-Thanksgiving sweater sale (which turned out to be better than their post-Thanksgiving sale). And with free shipping. Done. I had a new sweater on its way to me by midnight.

It arrived today. And you know what? Whoever discovered that little boys size 14 sweaters fit grown up girls is a genius. The one big worry I had was sleeve length. I thought maybe little boys had shorter arms. But no. Apparently they don't. (p.s. pictures outside look way better than badly lit pictures inside, yes? dually noted.) 

If I lived someplace where I had several months of winter, rather than just two weeks on a holiday visit, I'd probably wait for another good sale and swipe up one or two of these from the little boys as well. I can just see all the extra-large prepster 10-year-olds crying Christmas morning wondering where that anchor sweater was that they'd asked the mall Santa for. Fortunately for them I can make do with just a couple sweaters this year. (1/2/3)

Now I'm curious about little girl sweaters. I actually liked the boys sweaters better as a whole, but this bow sweater is pretty adorable. And the size chart lists basically the same measurements. It's kind of cute and festive and comic book-y all at once. Hmmm...

I actually picked up a cotton/cashmere sweatshirt from the little boys section on the same order. To replace my St Thomas Kmart sweatshirt. A lot of other people must have had the same idea because it's no longer available on the website. (12/10/12 - It's been restocked!)The J.Crew little boys sweater on sale was the same price as my St Thomas Kmart sweatshirt on sale. Bad form St Thomas Kmart. Bad form. 

And Finn wanted to be on the blog today. He asked politely. I said yes. 

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