Monday, 3 December 2012

Georgia Pride

Ouch. To watch a team you love play as hard as they did and lose the biggest game they've had so far during your lifetime just a few yards (and seconds) from scoring the game winning touchdown. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

But I had the honor of attending one of the best universities in the country. Challenging academics. An incredible social and music scene. Rich in history. Grassy quads, beautiful architecture, a campus covered in hundreds-of-years-old oak trees. I didn't know how unique it really was until I left and realized all universities weren't created equal. I meet a surprising number of adults who find out where I went and say, "If I could do it again, I wish I had gone there." Or how many bright talented high school kids I encounter who apply and don't get in. I was lucky. I just didn't know it.

One of the many things we do that makes the school special is take pride in game day. We respect our team and dress up for games. None of this t-shirt, flip flop, cut-offs business. College guys wore collars and sometimes button-ups with ties (in the sweltering Georgia Septembers). College girls wore dresses and heels. Its just how it was done. We're not the only school in the country to do it. But we're one of them. And it's special. I still can't go watch a game and look like a mess. It just doesn't feel right. Even if I'm just going to be sitting in a friend's living room with a couple other people.

Blouse, Nola's Boutique; Shorts, Gap (old); Shoes, Cole Haan (old, similar style here); Bag, BCBG (old, Final Cut;
Necklace (as bracelet) Chinatown vendor, NYC; Sunglasses, Vera Wang for Kohls (old)

A big thanks to my friend Christina who let us come crash her living room for four hours to watch a game she had no interest in. Our Puerto Rico Directv recently stopped carrying CBS. Because they're Puerto Rico and they just decide to do stuff like that sometimes. Seth's also in the process of creating a signature Georgia game day drink. It's good but he's still tweaking it. Today's version included sriracha, although I don't know if it's going to stay in the final recipe. Hopefully he'll have it perfected by our bowl game. Now everyone close your eyes, cross your fingers, and say it with me "Cotton Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Cotton Bowl...

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