Friday, 21 December 2012

Agawam Diner

"Do I look like a Backstreet Boy?"

"No, I think you look more French than 90s boy band."

"Ok, thanks."

outside agawam
sweater, EcoSkin; puffy vest, Land's End (old, similar here); jeans, Guess (from La Luna clothing swap); hat, gift from friend; shoes, Bruno Magli (from St Thomas Humane Society Boutique); sunglasses, Ray-Ban; bag, BCBG (old);

File that under the category of ridiculous exchanges we have while rushing out of the house. But fortunately rush out of the house we did. To Agawam Diner, near Ipswich. It's a local diner from the 1940s. Super cute and kitschy. Not because they're trying to be cute and kitschy but because they've taken pretty immaculate care of their 70+ year old establishment. The waitresses are friendly, your coffee cup stays full, and the breakfast is stick-to-your-ribs good. It's the only place I allow myself corned beef hash, because it's worth it. A great place to spend the morning catching up with an old friend.

agawam menu

agawam counter


I finally got to wear a hat I've been hoarding in my closet for a couple years. My friend Chrisann in the BVI got it on a misorder and didn't want to deal with the hassle of sending it back. To me it went! And I've been waiting for a winter opportunity to wear it ever since. My sweater is from EcoSkin, a new-to-me company that makes organic apparel in the USA. I grabbed it off the sale rack in a tent at the SOWA Sunday Market last May. It's light-weight enough that I can wear it on St Thomas evenings but can layer it for our winter trips. And it's good for the environment. And contributes to the US economy. Score.

chrisann's hat

Seth picked up some accessories of his own on our way home from the diner.

seth with poinsettas

Some poinsettia's for his mom because he noticed she didn't have any around the house yet this Christmas. Isn't he sweet?

Hope you guys all have a wonderful extended Christmas weekend! We'll be driving down to the South Shore (if it's not one shore, it's another) to see a friend and possibly taking in some of the Christmas mall craziness, just for fun of it.

(P.S.  Seth insisted I choose the first picture where I was all scrunched up against a particularly cold gust of wind. And since he humors me and takes all these photos of me for the blog, I figure he should get to choose photos sometimes too. So if you were wondering why I had no neck in the first photo, now you know.)


  1. I'm truly glad to understand where your neck went in the first photo. Seth...sheesh. Haha, just kidding, I didn't even notice. But I DID notice how cute you are and how fun your blog is.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. great look! I agree, definitely a fun blog!