Wednesday, 12 December 2012

St. John - Cafe Roma

After a rough Friday a couple weeks ago, Seth and I decided to pretend we were leaving St Thomas forever and took the ferry over to St John for dinner. (Don't act like none of you other St. Thomians have never done the same thing.) We hadn't been to Cafe Roma in years and Italian sounded good. Seth goes a little bonkers for their veal. And John Heibert, the owner and chef, walked around a bit during the meal to chat with patrons and inquire about their meals. I love when chefs do that. 

Tables by the second story window are pretty perfect because you can watch friends walk by on the street below and send them creepy "I'm watching you" texts. Or at least that's what we did. I was also excited to see Penfold's Koonunga Hill on the wine list. The wine is a part of (Project)Red. A portion of the proceeds go to help combat AIDS in Africa. After learning about the collaboration last year I'd been searching for it on St Thomas with no luck. It must have been hiding at Cafe Roma the whole time.

The night out also gave me a chance to wear my new handwoven scarf from Karama. It was lightweight and perfect for the ferry ride. (Get you one!) Seth was a good sport and let me drag him around Cruz Bay after dinner trying to find someplace uncrowded and well-lit to get a picture of it. We finally found an empty porch at Mongoose Junction. Then I went and waited in line for the bathroom behind a bride. She hadn't peed since 2pm. And didn't mind sharing that information with a stranger. Cruz Bay. Always fun.

Scarf, Karama Gifts; Blouse, Nola's Boutique; Cargo Skinnies, Free People (via Twice); Sandals, Antia (old); Bag, gift from friend; Earrings, gift from mom; Bracelets, Barefoot Buddha, Nola's Boutique, and vintage (like "got it on a field trip when I was a little kid" vintage)


  1. "Then I went and waited in line for the bathroom behind a bride. She hadn't peed since 2pm." -- all for the perfect shot of you in your organically dyed, ethiopian grown silk, hand woven Karama scarf. hahhahahahhaha! so great. {merci!} <><d

  2. btw, i always post 'anonymous' not to be surreptitious... simply because i can't remember any of my passwords. :) <><dyan