Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013, I'll Be There In A Sec

Road to Boston

Our feet have been firmly planted on St Thomas soil for about a week, but as you can see by the picture above I'm still hanging on to winter. The morning after a snow we drove into Boston to meet someone. A 30 minute drive through that snowy serenity. And then a five minute frustrated shout session in the car because I typed our destination address into my phone incorrectly and had Seth driving in circles around Cambridge. Gotta keep if real here. We've all been there. It's cool.

So as I try and hang on to our wintery December, 2013 is currently storming onward. I never thought I was a resolution girl. I used to pride myself on saying I didn't make resolutions but I don't think that's true anymore. A few Januaries ago I said no more flip-flops and it stuck. Another January I committed to wear more red lipstick during both day and night. Now it's a common addition. So I guess resolutions aren't the worst.

So 2013, here's what we'll try to do together:

1. Burn more candles. Good ones. I want a home that smells warm and inviting, even when I'm the only one home.
2. Learn to sew. When I was about eight I got a Girl Scout badge for it. To earn it I sewed a white vest and then puff painted flowers and butterflies all over it. I want to do more of that.
3. Continue developing this space. I'm having fun here. I love sharing the things I enjoy with those out there interested enough to read about them. Being featured on Lucky Magazine's site this week was fun affirmation that just doing things I love is enough to inspire others. I'm hoping for more of that.

That's it. I feel like a short list is best. Accomplishable. I'm sure I'll add things along the way. A couple months ago I started playing the guitar. That wasn't something I would have foreseen in January 2012, but it happened. And all the eat right, work out more, read more books, watch less tv, yada yada. Those aren't resolutions. Those are necessities for a healthy life and I'm always striving to improve in those areas.

What about you? Any great resolutions you've made this year or in a past year?

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  1. I like your goal to burn more candles - I love that smell too. :) I didn't do a resolution list so much this year as a word that's my theme for the year: Balance.

    Congrats again on Lucky!