Friday, 28 December 2012

Chick(adee)s Dig Menswear Inspired Outfits

This is me. Feeding a wild chickadee out of my hand. It was super-duper.


We drove out to the Audubon Sanctuary in Topsfield the day after Christmas. My sister-in-law's birthday request was to feed wild chickadees out of her bare hands. And so we did. We hiked out to a pretty little bridge and stood still with birdseed in our palms. Bird after bird landed and nibbled for about an hour. Until we couldn't feel our fingers or noses anymore. It was cold.

I'd never been out to the Ipswich River sanctuary before. Seth said the birds will only eat from your hands in the winter when food in scarce. In summer food is plentiful so they keep their distance.

snowy path

freezing lake

stone bridge

winter sky

After being bird-whispering Disney princesses and freezing our tidbits off in the cold weather for a few hours, we warmed up our insides with coffee and paninis at Pleasant Street Tea Company in Gloucester. 

I wore my new-to-me Bruno Magli shoes.

menswear inspired2

I got them for four bucks at the St Thomas Humane Society Boutique last month. A quick google search told me they needed some tender love and care in the form of brown cream shoe polish and that they're the same brand of shoes O.J. wore when he killed Nicole. Or, I mean, when he didn't kill her. That's how it turned out isn't it? I guess the world will never really know. Rabbit trail: my great aunt watched the Simpson murder trial on tv every single day for months. Also, O.J.'s cameo in Roots is one of my top five unexpected cameos of all time. End of rabbit trail. 

Shoe polish before and after below:

side by side

menswear inspired
shirt, Brooks Brothers (old, similar here); jeans, Guess (old, La Luna clothing swap); coat, Max Mara (from here); shoes, Bruno Magli; bag, BCBG (old); scarf (stolen from Seth); hat, gift from friend; earrings, vintage;


  1. Your shoes look great! I am going to polish mine now. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Your shoe choices were part of what completely endeared me to your blog when I found it. Happy polishing!